About AlphaTree Technologies

Making Ideas Happen

Embedded system is the electronics product comprises of hardware (electronic circuit, chipsets) and embedded software. The embedded software, or firmware, is the focus of our company.

We are peoples who devote ourselves to the development of embedded softwares. To us, embedded software development is not our job, but it is our mission in life.

We are proud for being:

  • Passionate
  • Hunger for knowledge
  • Open in sharing information
  • Keep up with technologies advancement

Our Core Values

We take ownership of customer's projects, ensure timely delivery with outstanding quality.
We understand how important it is to customers to have quality solutions and the impact of late delivery to customer.
We work as a team within company as well as with other parties externally in meeting the customer's needs.
We value our peoples, encourage their development and reward their performance.
We build a positive environment around us, enabling us to explore beyond limits and go extra miles in customer delivery.

As a Malaysian company, we truly believe in our capability in bringing the best values to customers. With many years of experiences in the industry, we have strong R&D capability in fulfilling customer needs.

Our core values define who we are and what we stand for.

Our Services

Firmware Development

Understanding user requirement, propose a viable solution with structural firmware system design. We emphasize on design that enable future expansion of the product.

We are able to fulfill customer requirements either it is a complex system or a project with tight schedule.

Firmware Consulting

We are capable of taking over any existing or legacy source code.

We can provide consultation terms of system design, or firmware architecture design.

Product Development

We are able to turn an idea into an actual product. While our main focus is on firmware development, we could bring in our partners in fulfilling customer needs.

We are able to fulfil requirement either on prototype, proof-of-concept design, design for mass production.

In-House Training

We provide training on firmware development. Training can be tailored made to any specific microcontroller.

We believe an effective training should not be restricted only to technical knowledges, but should include soft skills. It is the soft skills that make a good engineer.

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